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This is a page where I store all kinds of links.

It is not quite a classical blogroll, as this page also contains links to specific web pages. Some links are here because I kept them open in a browser tab for too long, so I might not have read them carefully myself. I also bookmark stuff under edwinwenink.xyz/microblog/ , but those I have read for sure. I do try to organize links, but it doesn’t always work out. I collect links for finding more links under “Tiny Directories and Blogrolls,” if you want to go through hyperspace.

Intended to be permanently under construction.

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Academic blogs (not restricted to one specific topic)

The Web (knowledge, archive, memory)

Indieweb and Federated Networks

Tiny directories, webrings and blogrolls


Workflow / Writing


Plain text tools and note-taking

‘Academic’ tips, approaches

Machine learning and data science

AI & Society


Text graphics: ASCII, ANSI, PETSCII, etc.



Minimalist / nostalgic / retro website design

Also see web paleontology .

Unix stuff

Creative Coding


Information retrieval

Technology (and society)


Links I do not know yet how to categorize. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it.


Not to be confused with miscellaneous. These are really quite random.