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These are small replies, likes, notes, bookmarks following the microformats2 format.

In reply to → https://www.scienceguide.nl/2019/06/het-einde-interdisciplinaire-droom/

↬ “Als abrupte bezuinigingen elders de prijs zijn die betaald moet worden voor een versterking van de bèta- en technische disciplines, dan passen vele bèta’s daar vriendelijk voor.”

Min-hashing (Mining Massive Datasets)

📖 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96WOGPUgMfw

↬ Superb explanation of min-hashing as a method for efficiently approximating Jaccard similarity on bit vectors.

In reply to → https://www.trouw.nl/s/s~a76c83f8

↬ The use of algorithms is a “fourth power” for which regulation is needed. Call in the Dutch news for an organ that regulates government algorithm use.

HyperLogLog explanation

📖 https://odino.org/my-favorite-data-structure-hyperloglog/

↬ Intuitive explanation of the HyperLogLog algorithm for multiset cardinality estimation

In reply to → https://github.com/gerwitz/sitewriter/issues/91

↬ This reply is processed by SiteWriter, which after issue #91 supports replies.

Idle Words

📖 https://idlewords.com/

↬ Blog of Maciej Cegłowski

Tim Harford — Ten email commandments

📖 http://timharford.com/2013/09/3180/

↬ Very good read about how to manage email in a sane way. For an implementation with mu4e and org-mode, see here

Wendell Berry – Lokaal Leven

In reply to → https://www.de-klos.net/posts/berry/

↬ Nice reflection on the tension between the local and the global in the Anthropocene. I appreciate Boris’ attempt to ground thinking on global issues in local practice.

Bias in predictive algorithms used by the government

In reply to → https://nos.nl/artikel/2286848-overheid-gebruikt-op-grote-schaal-voorspellende-algoritmes-risico-op-discriminatie.html

↬ Media attention in Dutch national news for potential biases in the use of predictive algorithms by the government

Chrome restricts ad blockers

In reply to → https://9to5google.com/2019/05/29/chrome-ad-blocking-enterprise-manifest-v3/

↬ Now that Chrome has a large market share, it was a matter of time before Google - an ad-selling company - made their browser an ad-displaying machine.


📖 https://switching.social/

↬ Ethical alternatives to popular sites and apps

ox-hugo - Org to Hugo exporter

📖 https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/

↬ If my workflow ever really starts revolving around Org mode, I should revisit this way to write content for this Hugo website in Org mode

Command Line Tricks For Data Scientists

📖 https://kadekillary.work/post/cli-4-ds/

↬ How to do common data manipulation tasks from any UNIX machine.

6 tips for low-cost academic blogging

📖 http://matt.might.net/articles/how-to-blog-as-an-academic/

↬ This post summarizes my own approach to blogging, and some more!

My heart will go on

📖 https://myheartwillgoonandsoonandsoon.blogspot.com/

↬ Love the rough but humorous styling. Eclectic Zizek Magic.

Test reply

In reply to → https://www.edwinwenink.xyz/posts/1-incipit/

↬ This is a test reply for trying out sending webmentions!


↬ 12th edition, AI & Safety