Digest July 2021

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This month BADBADNOTGOOD released a single in anticipation of their upcoming album Talk Memory (dropping beginning of October). The track takes you on a 9 minute long gloomy journey that stays dynamic and tense from beginning to end. It is sometimes hard to distinguish the instruments from dark electro and the solos are at no point middle-of-the-road. The rather enigmatic video clip features DJ Steves. Piece of art, really.

The best discovery of this month is the new collaboration between guitarist Blake Mills and bassist Pino Palladino, the full-length album “Notes with Attachment”. This album is so unique and it gets better with every listen. The Tiny Desk concert is a great teaser for the whole album and it’s fascinating to get to see the artistry from up close, especially because the instruments sound quite alien at times. There’s sections where I wouldn’t have believed I’m listening to a saxophone. Blake Mills is the kind of guitarist where every note is supposed to be there, condensed to perfection. That holds generally for this whole album.

I watched Bo Burnham’s new musical comedy special Inside last week and it was brilliant. We see Burnham’s turn into a Jesus figure during a year inside in his own guest house, musically addressing the ins and outs of a life forced to be lived online and his declining mental health.

Tip from my housemate Maria, thanks! Psychedelic and you can dance to it, what’s not to like. New single to the upcoming album “City Slicker”:

This is not a new song, but I’ve been listening to this cover by Jordan Rakei a lot:

I’ve learned about Emma Ruth Rundle relatively late and for the next collaboration I’m also a year late to the party. Caution: We are ending on a heavier note:

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