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Idiot's guide to resource migration in Terraform

Sometimes we need to migrate resources that are managed in Terraform. Terraform is a declarative language to manage cloud infrastructure from code, which allows you to reliably automate your deployments and put your infrastructure configuration under version control. We call this Infrastructure as Code (IaC). When moving resources in your IaC, …

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Self portraits using stable diffusion

My Vinyl Record Collection

Version control on notebooks using pre-commit and Jupytext

Overgeven of Sneuvelen: De Atjeh-oorlog

On circular imports in Python

Initializing nested lists correctly

Regular expressions with optional starting or ending groups

Stemming and lemmatizing with sklearn vectorizers

Applying operations on grouped dataframes in Pandas

Zip is its own inverse

Flatten nested lists with a list comprehension

Wrong feature preprocessing is a source of train-test leakage

Masking with Boolean arrays in Numpy

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