This is the homepage of Edwin, student of philosophy and AI, living in Nijmegen, Netherlands. You can contact me here. Feel free to check out my blog where I try to write something small but interesting on various topics when time allows for it. You can scroll down for a quick overview of the latest posts. If you want a quick impression of my studies, you can read this overview. My interests are very broad. In philosophy I've mostly occupied myself with studying metaphysics, deconstruction and hermeneutical ontology. My second study of artificial intelligence is highly interdisciplinary and combines concrete programming and mathematics skills with neuroscience and philosophy. I work mostly in Python and Java. I designed this website myself not because I think webdesign is a good way to spend my time, but because I try to do everything myself in the spirit of the homo universalis. Although the code is surely far from perfect because I learned on-the-go, there is a bit of joy in having written every line of code myself, and knowing why it is where it is. You can find the repository of this website here.

Edwin Wenink

Philosophy | Artificial Intelligence | etcetera