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Vacancy Recommender Hackaton with Spark

BigData Republic organized a small hackathon for the Big Data course I currently follow at university. The challenge was to build a job recommendation system using real data from one of their clients, RandStad, which is a big employment agency. To my surprise, I ended up with the highest score and went home with a nice book as a prize. I was fully convinced that the score I achieved was very low, and I know for a fact that the road to victory had way less to do with intelligence than with …

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Getting a grip on programmer jargon (by Joran Welling)

Joran started a programmer traineeship after graduating from a theater education. I asked him to write something about how he experiences this transition - Edwin I’ve been dabbling in programming for a while now, on account of the fact that I have recently started working in it full-time. I reckoned I could be able to write an article for this website because of that, so I tried to come up with something clever to discuss until I came to my senses and realised I’m a total newb.

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Selecting user commands in style (Python)

If you write an interactive program that takes user commands as an input, you can select the appropriate action for a given command by going through a sequence of if... else if statements. But if you write in Python, there’s always a cooler way to do things. A method I like personally in this situation is defining a dictionary where the keys are the command strings, and the corresponding values are lambda expressions.

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Object Orientation: Observer Pattern

The observer pattern is a simple yet quintessential design pattern in object oriented programming. As programs become larger, objects multiply quickly, as do the interactions between them. For example, a class instance can be contained as an attribute in another class (composition), or be used by some method in another class (association). Sometimes these class relations are very simple and can be used without a second thought. But let’s assume you have some class containing mutable …

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Object Orientation: Strategy Pattern

In object-oriented programming classes tend to multiply quickly. Luckily, some design patterns are available to solve commonly occurring issues. In this post I want to quickly illustrate the strategy pattern with an easy example written in Java. To make it intuitively clear why this pattern is called the ‘strategy’ pattern, let’s sketch a situation in which the application of different strategies is important: a game. Without getting lost in the philosophical details of what …

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Terminal sharing with tmux

For a while now I have been wondering how to share my terminal with others, for two reasons. First of all, I was intrigued by the idea of remote partner programming. For practically all of my study projects I engage in partner programming, which usually means I work with someone on the same machine. One small complication however is that I almost exclusively work together with Germans, who inconveniently use a different keyboard layout.

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