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Digital portraits

Digital portraits

This post is part of the { Website } series.

My friend Rits did me a big favor by making some digital portraits of me. His website is currently in quarantine because he was too late with re-registering his domain name, but if you read this post after sunday 17 March you can check out his web site. While doing me a favour, Rits made sure that he enjoyed himself.

See right for a first proof of concept. After seeing this sketch, I had complete faith in the end result.

You can see the final results on my home page. If you feel adventurous, make sure to switch to the dark theme by clicking on the switch button on top for an amazing GIF. The normal portrait did not fit with the dark theme, so we decided it was best to design another portrait for that. We couldn’t quite figure out how to avoid creepy hollow eyes with high contrast against a dark background. After long deliberation, we came up with a creative solution…

Here are some of the other variations Rits proposed before we settled on the final portraits: