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Digest April 2021

Digest April 2021

This post is part of the Digest series.

“Make Worry For Me” is another great collaboration of Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. The video clip matches the music: both have their signature weirdness. Their new album ‘Superwolves’ is dropping tomorrow, the 30th of April!

Ok, ok! Top 40 isn’t always bad.

This is a quite remarkable collaboration: Paul McCartney and Khruangbin! I wasn't familiar with the original McCartney song and don't really care for it. In typical Kruanghbin songs I love the melodic guitar, but this one is instead very much driven by the bass, so make sure to crank it up:

Bluesy and soulful. This song has been on repeat this month!

I haven’t listened to Bushman’s Revenge in years and rediscovered it last month. Jazz meets fuzz in the following track. Also give a song like “Tinnitus Love Poem” some love on your streaming service. It’s not on Youtube and to my surprise only has 8k streams.

This one is a bit longer, but it’s worth the listen. Around the same time that I listened to Bushman’s Revenge, I was really into this. Pure musicianship and an amazing groove.

Thanks to Alex for this tip. I’m a sucker for Eastern music in a Western jacket!

Thick bass in this celebration of a degenerate lifestyle:

Can’t help myself ending on a calmer note, with another collaboration between Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy. The corresponding clip is beautifully melancholic.