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University Courses

University Courses

In reverse chronological order:

Master AI: Intelligent Technology

For these courses I have included some indication of the practical work involved where relevant.

  • Machine Learning in Practice
  • Ethics for AI
    • Project: Policy brief on AI for biometric surveillance
  • Text and Multimedia Mining
    • Project on text classification using stylistic text features
  • New Media Lab
    • Developed a podcast app as a research tool for experimental research ( prototype)
  • Intelligent Systems in Medical Imaging
    • Final project: U-Net for Segmenting Stroma and Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Breast Cancer Images
  • Bayesian Networks
    • Project 1: Manual design from scratch of a Bayesian network (DAG) that models wilderness areas in a nature reserve
    • Project 2: Learn the Bayesian network structure on the same data automatically
  • Information Retrieval
    • Project: Promoting diversity in search results by reranking on latent subtopics using LDA
  • Neuromorphic Computing
    • Project: Temporal-Difference reinforcement learning using Nengo on the new Loihi chip from Intel
  • Computer Graphics & Computer Vision, e.g.:
    • Project: Computations on GPU using shaders (glsl/hlsl)
    • Project: Landscape and maze generation
    • Project: Variational Autoencoders and Wasserstein GANs
  • Theoretical Foundations for Cognitive Agents
    • Project on Explanationist Bayesianism: On the Compatibility of Bayesianism with Inference to the Best Explanation
  • Statistical Machine Learning
    • Project 1: Polynomial curve fitting; gradient descent
    • Project 2: Probabilistic generative models; Bayesian linear regression; Sequential learning
    • Project 3: Neural network regression; Bayesian polynomial regression;
    • Project 4: Gaussian Processes; Expectation-maximization; Gibbs sampling and Metropolis-Hastings; Variational Inference for Bayesian linear regression
  • Probabilistic Deep Learning
    • Variational Inference with Gaussian models
    • Supervised variational deep learning
    • Variational Inference for time series
  • Advanced academic & professional skills
  • Internship on Ethical AI at NS
  • Graduate Intern at TNO

AI Master Thesis

I wrote a thesis researching explainable recommendation of case law using paragraph embeddings and counterfactual explanations.

Bachelor Artificial Intelligence

AI Propaedeutic Year | courses on …

  • Mathematics (basic calculus and probability theory)
  • Frequentist Statistics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Linear Algebra
  • Robotics
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Uninformed-, Informed-, Adversial search, Constraint Satisfaction, Bayesian Networks, Supervised Learning, Neural Networks)
  • Intro AI 2: Application of those methods in a agent that plays pacman (in python)
  • Course on the human brain
  • Formal Reasoning: Propositional-, predicate-, and modal Logic, Discrete Mathematics, Language Grammars and Automata
  • Programming in Java (two courses)
  • Functional Programming

AI Bachelor | Major courses on…

  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Data Mining
  • Mathematics (Entropy and Information Theory, Markov Chains, Complex Numbers, Signal Theory: complex exponential signals, spectrum representations, sampling and aliasing, LTI-systems, Fourier analysis and transforms)
  • Psychology of Language
  • Foundations and implications of theoretical cognitive science
  • Neural Networks
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Search- and Planning algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Machine Learning
  • Academic Skills for quantitative research
  • Professional Skills (application of science and pitch training)
  • Brain-computer interfacing (BCI)
  • Modern Software Development Techniques (including semester software project with Agile/Scrum)
  • Computational and Formal Modeling
  • Neurophysiology of Cognition and Behavior

AI Bachelor | Minor courses on…

  • Computer Security
  • Privacy and Identify
  • ICT en Samenleving
  • Big Data

AI Bachelor | Thesis

… on query by navigation over legal documents using Formal Concept Analysis.

Research Master Philosophy: Metaphysics and Epistemology

  • contemporary ontology after ontotheology(Badiou, Nancy, Heidegger, Plato, Agamben, Meillassoux).
  • Gadamer’s Truth and Method
  • the philosophy of testimony, in relation to ontology (Heidegger, Derrida, Ricoeur, Foucault, Agamben, Lyotard)
  • the machinal ontology of Deleuze in Anti-Oedipus
  • comparison of Heidegger’s and Wittgenstein’s philosophies
  • Husserl’s The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology
  • individual research on Heidegger’s concept of Geschick des Seins as preparation of thesis
  • two courses on philosophical methods and the skills needed for scientific philosophical research

Philosophy Master Thesis

Wrote an article on Jacques Derrida and Martin Heidegger, as well as a PhD proposal on digital hermeneutics.

Philosophy Bachelor

Phil. Propaedeutic Year | Introductory courses…

… to social and political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, logic, rhetorics, philosophy of cognition, philosophical ethics, philosophy of language, and courses on the history of both antique, medieval, modern and contemporary philosophy.

Phil. Bachelor | Major courses on…

  • the history of philosophy (Descartes’s meditations and Kant’s transcendental dialectic),
  • philosophy of language and cognition (amongst others Ryle, Wittgenstein, Fodor, Dennett, Churchland, Frege)
  • practical philosophy (Schmitt, Plato, Thomas Aquinas, Spinoza, Taylor)
  • fundamental philosophy (Hegel, Marx, Bloch, Kojèveve, Dupré)
  • Spinoza’s and Descartes’ metaphysics
  • philosophical anthropology and the history of psychoanalysis (Hacking, Foucault, Freud, Davidson)
  • the ethics of friendship (Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Montaigne, Kant, Nietzsche, Foucault)
  • philosophy as theoretical form of life in the history of philosophy (Aristotle, Hadot, Foucault, Sloterdijk, Nagel, Rorty)
  • philosophy as a critique of culture
  • the societal relevance of philosophy and the humanities

Phil. Bachelor | Minors (three courses each) on…

  • the philosophy of the Self (in analytical philosophy, its history, and its conception in philosophical hermeneutics)
  • the interplay between philosophical and literary methods (one methodical course and two courses where the studied methods are applied)
  • sexuality (I became interested in this topic from an anthropological point of view: insofar as it shapes human identities)

Phil. Bachelor | Thesis

… on Jacques Derrida’s method of deconstruction in Of Grammatology.