Web Paleontology: An Ode to the Hyperlink

UX covers holes in Moore's Law; when computers are still bigger than expected, it can help to shrink them in your head. - Olia Lialina

But these web pages blow up in your head.

Whereas UX-design aims to make the user forget there is an interface at all, these websites are intrusive, obscure, chaotic, ugly ...
Some will hurt your eyes. Some are parodic, others are ghosts from the past.

Paradoxically, it is precisely by not fitting the maximes of UX-design, that these pages offer an authentic experience to their visitor.

So here is a collection of wonky webpages that reminiscence of other times*, rebelling against the hegemonic monotony of contemporary "user experiences"; Silent voices in an era where everyone screams.

*Times where the access to the internet was not organized through search machines, that serve as centralized internet hubs, deciding what you see and do not see.

You would not quickly find these pages when googling.

Surf instead of search: click away and follow that hyperlink.

N.B. kickscondor pointed me to his web directory href.cool . Have a look! Perhaps the list below will escalate into something similar.

O.K. Computer

Version control on notebooks using pre-commit and Jupytext <-- Latest

Tools <-- Next

Setting up your own tilde club (UNIX) <-- Random


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