Website Update: Dark Theme and Etc. section

Two short updates:

  1. I designed a minimalistic “Dark Theme” for this website. It can be selected in two ways. If your browser supports it, you can manually select the page layout. For example, in Firefox you can press Alt -> View -> Page style -> Dark theme. However, this makes the selection only for the current page. A slightly less transient option is to use the switch button in the navigation bar. I added some Javascript to save your preference for one session only in a little cookie, so that your preference sticks as you navigate to other pages of this website. The cookie becomes ineffective once you close your browser. The code I use for this is a bit crude currently, but I’ll improve on it over time.

  2. Since I started this website, I have had “etc” in the title on the landing page. But only now have I actually made an “etc” section with a navigation header, under which I will collect miscellaneous pages. Check it out!

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Terminal sharing with tmux <-- Random


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Nick on Friday, Jan 18, 2019:

Hey Eddie,

Dark theme looks good. I like it. You might also want to consider adjusting the color of this form since it really stands out now!


Edwin (aka Eddie) on Friday, Jan 18, 2019
In reply to Nick

I’m aware of that but currently do not have time to fix it. The reason is that I never bothered to write css for the style of this comment box, so it uses whatever theme you have in your browser. In my case that is actually a dark color, so I did not notice this issue immediately, but for most people that is a very white text box, which indeed is ugly for the dark theme. I will fix it when I have time, but thanks for the feedback! Always appreciated.