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Workflow ENGRAMS

Vim Use Cases for Writers (I)

As promised in a previous post, here are some use cases of Vim. These are intended to be basic, i.e. they do not depend on plugins, and they are not geared towards programming but towards basic text editing and -navigation. Vim can be customized and extended seemingly indefinitely, but sticks and stones Vim can actually already do surprisingly much! Basic navigation I stated before that the main innovation of Vim is making insertion of text secondary to navigation.

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Ten reasons for using Vim

Vim is a well-known (and infamous) text editor that is designed in such a handy way that some programmers even use it as their preferred IDE (Integrated Development Environment). That is quite remarkable if you think about it for a second: why would people replace proper software solely built for everything related to programming with a text editor? Apparently, Vim does text editing so well that people are willing to work around the limitations of using a “normal” text editor.

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Writing a letter the cool way... for free

Markdown and Pandoc are the preferred tools around which I design my workflow. For practically all writing I do, they get the job done properly, quickly and for free. For some applications with more delicate layout requirements, such as for example a letter or a resume, writing in Markdown is a bit limited. In those cases, if you subscribe to the philosophy that content and layout should be separated, you end up with writing in LaTeX.

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In reply to → https://www.scienceguide.nl/2019/06/het-einde-interdisciplinaire-droom/

↬ “Als abrupte bezuinigingen elders de prijs zijn die betaald moet worden voor een versterking van de bèta- en technische disciplines, dan passen vele bèta’s daar vriendelijk voor.”

Min-hashing (Mining Massive Datasets)

📖 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96WOGPUgMfw

↬ Superb explanation of min-hashing as a method for efficiently approximating Jaccard similarity on bit vectors.

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