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Edwin Wenink

by Rits Joosten

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Contributions by Edwin Wenink (40):

Building a Note-taking System with Vanilla Vim

On function creep, privacy and encryption

Pick a random background on each boot (Linux)

How many 2-ary boolean functions can a perceptron model?

Hugo template snippets of new website features

Deepfakes and democracy: a case for technological mediation

Book review: Van der Heiden - The Truth (and Untruth) of Language

Het merkteken van ongenade (Dutch)

Friendship, death, and writing in Michel de Montaigne's Essays

Two methods for exporting EPUB annotations (.annot)

Dynamic BibTeX bibliography paths with spaces

This domain joined the IndieWeb!

Vacancy Recommender Hackaton with Spark

Automation and the ethics of work

What is the purpose of this website?

Paradoxes of the logical implication

Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles: beyond the trolley dilemma

Warlike acts in the cyber domain

Digital portraits

Two notes on the original Google paper

Morton's Perverse Holism - A Twelve-step program

Security and privacy: some key concepts

Website Update: Dark Theme and Etc. section

New feature! Added comments to this *static* website

Selecting user commands in style (Python)

Sorting threads in NeoMutt

Creating a PGP key, sending mail with GPG

Vim: Basic Text Navigation and Editing

Ten reasons for using Vim

Web scraping my own website in Python

Reve's God and the Paradox of Intimacy

Writing a letter the cool way... for free

Object Orientation: Observer Pattern

Object Orientation: Strategy Pattern

Calculating pi with Monte Carlo simulation

Course overview

Terminal sharing with tmux

Complexity 101 and the P-NP question

Setting up ssh and using tmux

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